Monday, February 22, 2016

Provo City Center Temple

We were able to visit the new Provo City Center Temple for the open house today.  Yay!  I really wanted to go to this one.  We didn't make it to the Payson Temple open house.  It was sooooo busy.  It was hard enough to get reservations for this one.  We basically had one option, so as soon as the older kids got out of school, we picked them up and drove straight down to Provo.
We've told the kids stories of how we used to go to firesides when it was the Provo Tabernacle and how a few times we had stake conference there.  One time (this was before we had a car), we were going to stake conference and we just got out of the parking garage and were crossing to the tabernacle when Nichole threw up.  She was just an infant back then.  So our sweet friends/neighbors drove us all the way home before coming back to go to stake conference.  Thank you, friends. 
We told the kids how we didn't like sitting at the front of the balcony because the rim was so low, it seemed if you stood up you were going to fall over.  We especially never liked having our children close to the front of the balcony.
I got to sing in choirs a few times in that tabernacle.  Good memories.  This is why we reeeeeeeeally wanted to take the kids through the open house tour of this temple.  I'm so glad it worked out.
We even got to put little plastic foot protectors on our feet.  They didn't have us do that when we went to the Oquirrh Mountain Temple open house.  Jeremy and I both remember from our childhood going to the open house for the Portland Temple and we remember putting the foot coverings over our shoes.  And later, that's where we were sealed.
It felt so good to go with our family to the open house today.  I am so grateful for my family.  I'm so grateful that the kids did so well going up and down so many stairs.  Lucky fell asleep on the drive there and woke up when we got out of the van.  He wasn't cranky, though.  He just wanted to be picked up and set down a lot.  Jr. Jr.'s comment after the tour was over was that being in the temple made him want to be nice to someone (and he was so well-behaved after we left).  Nichole said she could feel the Spirit.  I felt so calm on the way home.  I'm so glad we went.
I love my family and I love that we can be a family forever.  I was again reminded of how grateful I am for the husband I have and I'm glad that we are both improving together.
Today was a great family day.

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