Saturday, February 13, 2016

Bald Eagle Day

Birding.  It's our new hobby.  We realized that Winter doesn't have to be miserable and a season you just get through.  There are so many birds that you only see in the Winter, some you won't see until Summer, and some you see all year round (and some only as they're migrating through).  There are also great adventures available to birders.  We have been visiting new spots and seeing new birds and we're learning about some events we can take part in.
Yesterday we visited a place called Oquirrh Lake.  Unfortunately the camcorder decided to stop working.  Aaagh, that's how we zoom in to identify a lot of birds that we're not familiar with.  Oh well.  The binoculars helped with recognizing some that we do know.  We'll definitely go back there again.

Today was Bald Eagle Day at Farmington Bay Waterfowl Management Area.  It was our first trip there, though we'd heard good things about the area from other birders.  We were not disappointed.  Even though we didn't have the camcorder, because it was their annual Bald Eagle Day there were scopes set up to see the bald eagles out on the ice.  That was awesome.  Much better than just the binoculars.  Also our family got a poster and the kids each got a button.  There were plenty of different kinds of birds to see and we look forward to going back.
It was great and we stopped by to see my sister on the way home.  The kids had a great time playing with their cousins but I totally forgot to take a picture of them.  Oh well again.

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