Friday, February 12, 2016

The Last Couple Weeks

Let me update you on the last couple weeks.
Lucky's feeling better after being sick.  From time to time he's still somewhat clingy which makes it hard to do some things.  And he hasn't been sleeping as well at night.  Oh well.
We have been able to do some celebrating but not much blogging.
Sunday, January 31 was Backwards Day.  For dinner, we had dessert first.  Jeremy made a S'more Pie.  Then we had pizza which we ate crust first.  Our home teacher stopped by and brought us cookies which we also ate before dinner.
Jeremy told the kids that to really make it backwards, they should make dinner and I should play video games all evening.  That didn't exactly happen.

In the book, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Willie Wonka invites the five ticket holders to his factory on February 1.  To celebrate we had some Wonka candy on Monday, February 1.

Tuesday, February 2 was Groundhog Day.  We watched the movie and ate our traditional imitation groundhog burgers.  Instead of making fries this year, Jeremy made potato chips.  Yumm.

Since we'd been cooped up with Lucky not feeling well, we decided to get some fresh air on Wednesday, February 3.  Jeremy and I took the youngest boys for a drive around Utah Lake.  It was beautiful.  The roads were clear and we were able to see lots of birds.  Here is a list of some that we saw:
bald eagle, golden eagle, American kestrels, magpies, ravens, red-tailed hawks, rough-legged hawks, northern harriers, house sparrows, ring-necked pheasants, northern flickers, white-crowned sparrows, spotted towhee, gadwalls, great blue heron, American white pelican, Canada geese, Cooper's hawk

 golden eagle and rough-legged hawk
 red-tailed hawks
 American kestrels
 ring-necked pheasant and white-crowned sparrow
 gadwalls and Cooper's hawk
 American white pelican
Thursday, February 4 was busy so we completely forgot to celebrate Create a Vacuum Day and Thank a Mailman Day.

Friday, February 5 was Nutella Day.  Jeremy made us treats- nutella and marshmallow cream rolled up in a tortilla.  Yumm.

Saturday. February 6, Jeremy had a show in Spanish Fork.  After his show the kids and I met him down at Salem Pond for some birding and fun.
There was a bald eagle sitting in a tree right in the middle of the park so we were able to walk all the way around it on the walking trail and look at it from all angles.
Before we went home, the kids got into a snowball fight being very careful to avoid Lucky and Mommy.

Sunday, February 7, we went for a nice relaxing evening drive down to the southeast of Utah Lake and back.  We saw a few birds, some deer, and the sunset.
Monday, February 8 was Chinese New Year.  We ate food and fortune cookies.
 chow mein and stir fry veggies
egg rolls and orange chicken
white rice and fortune cookies

Lucky's fortune was "You have a natural grace and great consideration of others."  Except in the middle of the night when he won't stay asleep since he was sick.
Jr. Jr's fortune said, "You will soon bring joy to a family member."
Jr.'s said, "Your dreams will bring you into a profitable venture."
Nichole's fortune was "You could do well in a technical field.  Think creatively."
Daddy's was "Next Tuesday will be one of success and pleasant surprises."  Hmmm, sounds like we should go out birding on Tuesday.
I can't find mine but it said something about a vacation.

Since then it's been mostly cleaning/organizing and birding.  Jeremy's been on a few walks with the binoculars and camcorder.
  Eurasian collared dove and Western scrub-jay

We found a new place not too far away that's right next to the lake.  Jr. Jr. got to try out his new scooter he got for Christmas as we followed the walking/biking trail.  On the way back, Jeremy took a different path and we met up on the other side.

As of this blog post, we've identified 56 different species of bird since the beginning of the year.
 American coot and common goldeneye
 mallard and ring-billed gull

This weekend is the Great Backyard Bird Count.  Looks like another excuse for birding Friday, Saturday, and Monday.  That and Saturday is Bald Eagle Day at Farmington Bay of the Great Salt Lake and Monday is President's Day with no school.  Remember what we did last time there was a day off school?

We've been doing so much lately that every day I'm too tired to blog.  So now I'm caught up.  Phew.

Oh yeah, and the kids are having their Valentine parties at school today so they each made a box for their Valentines to go in.  Jr.'s was a collage box.  He cut out pictures of things he liked from magazines and glued them on a granola bar box (which he also likes- granola bars, not just the box).
Nichole made a sorting hat sitting on a chair.  It has a poem on it.  "I am the Sorting Hat, I like to eat.  Feed me your Valentines to give me a treat." 
Good job, kids

O.K.  Now I'm caught up.

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