Monday, February 29, 2016

Leap Year 2016

Well, it's been four years since I last blogged on Leap Year.  And I'm just as disorganized as I was four years ago.  Sigh.  Actually, right now things are pretty disorganized because we're going through sickness in our home.  Blah, not fun.  And it's all different kinds of sick.  Some people throwing up.  Some people with headaches and earaches.  Congestion, runny noses.  Sick.  Blah.
So that's what Leap Year is like this time around.

Some things are different than four years ago.  We still celebrate a lot of course,
but we've picked up a new hobby- birding.
 And since last Leap Year, we've added a new family member- Lucky.
Both Nichole and Jr. have lost several teeth since last Leap Year where they hadn't lost any at that point. 
In 2015, Jeremy spent all Summer building the Wonders of the World out of balloons (I helped a little).
He also broke a world record for largest modelling balloon sculpture by an individual (I didn't help, but supported him).

Jeremy and I are still happily married and again will continue to be four years from now.
So, this is our family this year.
I know I already put this picture on this blog, but it's the most recent family picture we have.
Wish us luck that next Leap Year we don't have sickness going on, but have even more exciting things to talk about.

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