Thursday, August 6, 2015

Petra Floats

Yesterday, August 5 was Work Like a Dog Day.  I told the kids that if we worked really hard all day, we could celebrate the next day, August 6, National Root Beer Float Day.
Jr. tried to get out of it by saying that dogs are lazy and just lie around.  I explained to them how some dogs work really really hard.  Finally I told them, "Anyone who works as hard as I work will get a root beer float."
I took some pictures throughout the day of them "working like a dog."  I even gave them a list of things they could start with.
They did help with some things.
And other things?
I saw them doing this
when they should have been doing this.
So in the end Jeremy and I had root beer floats this evening.  I did work really hard.
And we realized something.
We looked at pictures Jeremy took of balloon Petra.  The side walls look like root beer floats with the layers of root beer and ice cream and root beer and ice cream.
We had themed food for Petra and it wasn't even planned.  Petra Floats.  How cool is that?

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