Sunday, August 23, 2015

Love One Another

After church today, Jr. Jr. showed us a picture he colored in his class in Primary.  I've never seen him color so well before.  It was a color by numbers picture and he did a good job putting the colors where they go.
He showed his picture to several people including the mom of friends the kids were going to visit while I was at choir.  He wanted to show the dad, too, so Jr. Jr. and I were trying to figure out how he could show the picture to him when I dropped the kids off, but not keep the picture there where it could get lost.  We were discussing this while trying to get the kids buckled in the van to go home after church.  Jeremy pointed out that the dad of the family was nearby so Jr. Jr. could show him the picture right then.  So Jr. Jr. jumped out of the van and ran over to show him the picture.  He was so proud of his picture and that dad complimented him on it and told him, "You should put that in your journal."
What a great idea.  After he came back to the van I told him that I could put it in a scrapbook... or I could take a picture of it and put it on my blog.  That's like a journal.
So here is that picture that Jr. Jr. did such a good job with and with such a great message. 
And this is family history.  Thanks Dad Friend, for suggesting we document something so special to Jr. Jr.

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