Friday, May 1, 2015

It's May

May Day.  May Day.  It's May.  School is coming to a close which means some fun days for the kids.
Today was Pioneer Day for Nichole and Mustache Day for Jr.
The little boys and I also had some fun today.  We got out, played at a playground, enjoyed the sound of a stream and birds in the bushes.  It was lovely.
Since it's May it also means that this Summer is coming up.  Big plans this Summer.
Let me tell it in Jeremy's words.
"Starting June 1st and going through September 5th we will be building the Wonders of the World at Thanksgiving Point! We will be building one a week for 14 weeks- 6 ancient wonders and 7 modern (the Pyramids at Giza are on both lists- no need to build the same twice.) Also in July when we are switching from ancient to modern wonders Jeremy Telford will be making an attempt for a world record: Largest Balloon Sculpture by an individual (using modeling balloons). The picture is to give you an idea of the scale of these massive undertakings. It is a detail from the first build the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, and it is the size it will actually be on the finished sculpture. Most finished sculptures will be around 16' tall- that's about 3 times as tall as most people! You won't want to miss them!"
It's exciting.  In the meantime and since it is May Day and May Day always makes me think of flowers, here's a little something Jeremy did for the Tulip Festival for this weekend's theme, "A Celebration of Art."
Yeah, I love what my husband does.

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