Sunday, May 31, 2015

Summer Vacation

The kids had their last day of school.  Well, last hour and a half anyway.  They each came up with their own idea for a gift to give their teacher.  Jr. made his teacher a card to go along with her favorite candy bars.  Nichole made her teacher a card and a volcano.  The volcano had a surprise inside the magma chamber.
The kids went to school with gifts from their teachers and came home with their own treats.  Nichole got to take home the rest of the chocolate milk from their last day of school classroom breakfast.  Jr. got a beach ball for his classmates to sign.
After school, I took the kids out bird watching.  Jeremy stayed home to be interviewed by The Daily Herald about the Wonders build.
Some of the birds we saw were seagulls, grebes, terns, yellow headed blackbirds, a snowy egret.  I saw some sort of game bird walking across a path and into the bushes.
There were a couple ducks walking around that were interested in the kids.  Nichole was sketching them and Jr. was taking pictures of  them.
When we got home from bird watching, the kids helped clean the living room.  Then they got to play video games and I was able to read them books before bed.
Amazing how much you can get done together in a day when the kids aren't in school as long.  We'll see what the Summer brings with the kids out of school every day.

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