Saturday, May 16, 2015

Let's Face It

You know?  My family is awesome.  Yes, it's true.  And we do a lot of neat things together.  Yes, we do.
Let's face it.  Sometimes things are just not that great.
Today things were not that great.
One of my children and I did not get along very well.  That's a nice way of putting it.
After taking some time to cool off, I went to the kitchen to find that another of my children dumped cereal out all over the already messy kitchen.
Later on, another child decided to play in the cereal and spread it around even more.
I needed the motivation to clean the kitchen floor.  I got it.
I managed to throw away a lot of stuff that needed to be thrown away and I managed to sweep, but Lucky woke up before I had a chance to mop.  Oh well.  Save it for another day, I guess.
By the end of the day, though, the kids and I were getting along.  They even got to watch me play a computer game while we ate dinner in the living room since there was no room at the kitchen table.
Sigh.  Life.

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