Thursday, February 5, 2015

Thank a Vacuum Day

February 4 was Thank a Mailman Day.  We usually draw pictures or write letters to our friendly neighborhood postal worker.  This year we didn't get them done in time.  Sorry, friendly neighborhood postal worker.  We still like you.
But, Jeremy made a poster and I stuck little candy bars on it and Jr. Jr. and I delivered it to the post office.
The note says, "You guys are first class forever.  Happy Thank a Mailman Day."

Jr. Jr. was so patient waiting in line and holding the poster until we got to the counter then I lifted him up and he put it on the counter.  I told the man at the counter and then Jr. Jr. repeated me, "This is for you guys for working so hard."  And "Thank you."  The man at the counter was so friendly and appreciative.  He told Jr. Jr. thank you and that they would really enjoy those later.  Then he gave Jr. Jr. a sticker on his hand.  That was so nice.

Since February 4 was also Create a Vacuum Day, for a special activity in the evening, we sucked an egg into a glass bottle.  I'd been wanting to try that for a long time and we finally had the opportunity.  We lit some newspaper on fire with a match and stuck them in the bottle then put a peeled hard boiled egg on the opening and let the vacuum that was created by the fire burning the oxygen suck the egg in.  It was fun.  The kids enjoyed it.
 Someday we'll do it where the egg stays intact as it is sucked into the bottle.

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  1. I totally forgot to mention for Thank a Mailman Day, I was reading Terry Pratchett's Going Postal and watching the movie Going Postal, too.