Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Adopt a Balloon Animal Day 2015

Yesterday, February 23, was National Rationalization Day and I didn't do a blog post.  I was tired.  We had a fun going to the Museum of Natural Curiosity at Thanksgiving Point for FHE and playing out in the Discovery Garden... in February. 
When we got home, I made a new skirt for Nichole for dance class because she grew out of the skirt I made for her over three years ago
So I slept instead of blogged and now you know why.

But today we got to celebrate February 24, Adopt a Balloon Animal Day.  This is our own holiday we made up. 
One of our friends' relatives just moved back to Utah and they remember visiting last year and Jeremy making balloons animals for them.  The little boy remembered that Jeremy made him a motorcycle so for Adopt a Balloon Animal Day, he got a balloon motorcycle along with an adoption certificate. 
And I know a motorcycle is not an animal, but I also blogged about National Rationalization Day on this same post so a little bit must have carried over.  And Jeremy made the boy's sister a pegasus so that's an animal.
Happy Celebrating.

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