Sunday, February 8, 2015

Ballet Day 2015

A few years ago, I was mentioning to a friend about how we celebrate holidays and that Ballet Day was coming up on February 7.  She told me about a dessert named after a famous ballerina, Pavlova.  Now that's cool.
It just so happens that in the September 2013 The Friend magazine, there is an article about a girl from Australia and one of her favorite treats is Pavlova.  And there is a recipe for it.  Woo-hoo.  So... I made Pavlova for Ballet Day this year. 
(Notice Nichole's ballet pose as she holds her piece)

I bought strawberries for it earlier in the week, but a friend of mine told me that her Australian and New Zealand friends insist that you have kiwi fruit with it so I picked up some kiwi fruit later on in the week.  Yumm.

And I forgot the whipped topping until it was in the oven, so Jeremy picked some up on his way home.  Thank you, Jeremy.
I let everyone decide how they wanted theirs topped: just whipped cream, whipped cream and one piece of strawberry.  I was the only one that wanted whipped cream, multiple strawberries, and multiple pieces of kiwi fruit.
Jr. offered to put the fruit on top of my piece.  How sweet.  I had to do something in the other room and I came back in to find this:
(I hope you don't mind the two different angles.  One is a better angle for a picture but the other shows better how much fruit there was.)

It's a good thing I like strawberry and kiwi fruit.

Since we don't have the DVD for Nichole's dance show this year yet, we watched some of last year's show.  She was doing ballet last year, too.  It was very appropriate to watch for the holiday.

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