Sunday, February 15, 2015

National Gumdrop Day 2015

Happy National Gumdrop Day, February 15.

Get it?  Gum... Drop?  Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha.

Jeremy's idea.  He's so clever.
So, there's a story behind this pack of gum.
Jeremy and I both remember grape bubble gum from our childhood.  You know the good stuff- Bubblicious, Bubble Yum, those type brands.  Sure they had different flavors but grape was the most memorable.  We wanted to get some bubble gum to teach our kids to blow real bubbles and of course we wanted to get grape flavored.  We couldn't find grape bubble gum.  We looked at several different stores.  No grape Bubble Yum.  No grape Bubblicious.  We couldn't find grape.  Aaagh.  We had to settle for strawberry flavored for blowing bubbles with the kids.
Then one day Jeremy was on his way to a show several hours away and stopped at a gas station.  He was inside looking around and happened to spot Bubblicious gum- grape flavored!  He bought a pack for me.  Awww.
So now we know if we want grape flavored bubble gum, we just have to send Jeremy a few hours away to get it.  Although honestly, we haven't checked the gas stations around here.  We just don't often go inside them.  Who knows?  Maybe the grape bubble gum is hiding right where we're not looking.
Anyway, enjoy your Gumdrop Day.  I know I did.

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