Thursday, January 29, 2015

It Just Seems Wrong

Well, January 29 is usually our Fill the Stock Pot to the Top Day.  However this year, our freezer is too full to fit bags and bags of taco soup in it.  Hooray for the blessing of having a full freezer.  Instead of our big pot, we made a normal sized batch of taco soup. 

It felt weird to only put in so many cans of beans and tomatoes (only 2 cans of tomatoes, for example, instead of 14).  And to have it in the normal pot instead of the big stock pot.  I kept having to ask Jeremy if it would all fit in such a small pot.  It did.
Oh well.  It was still yummy and we still have enough ingredients that I can make another pot in a few days.
And besides January 29 being National Corn Chip Day (which is why we make taco soup on this day), it is also National Puzzle Day. 
Lucky had his first introduction to puzzles and at the end of the day, I managed to find all the pieces to all the board puzzles except one.  Why is it the elephant is the one that always goes missing?

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