Monday, January 30, 2017

Fill the Stock Pot to the Top Day

January 29 was National Corn Chip Day.  We used to fill our huge stock pot to the top with taco soup to eat with corn chips on that day.  Then we'd have plenty to freeze and eat later.  Yumm.  We nicknamed the holiday "Fill the Stock Pot to the Top Day."
The last few years, however, we haven't been making enough to fill the stock pot all the way to the top. There's definitely not enough room in the freezer as we have a bigger family now and we keep more items in the freezer since we use more with more people.  A couple years ago we only made the amount of the regular recipe instead of 7 times that like we used to.
This year we did 4 times the recipe.  It didn't fill the stock pot completely so that we had to hold to the very end of the spoon to stir it.  It filled quite a bit of it, though. 

I was mentioning to Jeremy about how it was actually National Corn Chip Day so it didn't matter that we didn't fill the stock pot all the way to the top and he told me he didn't realize Fill the Stock Pot to the Top Day wasn't an actual holiday.  We always call it that.  Ha Ha Ha Ha.  He's cute.
He's also cute because he got silly while labeling the freezer bags of taco soup.  Here are some of the names:
El Taco Soupo, Fill My Stomach to the Top Day Soup, An Excuse to Eat Fritos Soup.

January 29 was also National Puzzle Day so we got out our puzzle box and all the kids all took some time to do puzzles.
Pleasant activity.
None of the kids complained about the soup, either.  Well, once they tasted it anyway.  Lucky was upset at first because he just wanted corn chips but he was happy to eat soup when he knew he could have sour cream in it.  One of our children suffered in silence and the other two expressed how tasty it was.  After most of us ate our fill, there was still plenty left over to freeze and some to put in the fridge for leftovers to be eaten up probably soon.  It's yummy.

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