Monday, October 24, 2016

And What About Last Week?

After that wonderful Halloween party we went to that Saturday, we had a week.
Monday, October 17, was Wear Something Gaudy Day.  Jeremy said in Nichole's case it should be Wear Something Gauzy Day.
Smile, Nichole.
Tuesday I got out for some morning me time.  I went to Ashton Gardens at Thanksgiving Point.  I got to do some birding and enjoyed the gardens and since it was during the Scarecrow Festival, I got to see some scarecrows.  It was a very relaxing and well needed break.
In the afternoon, Nichole went to a Halloween party for Activity Days.  One of the things she got to do was paint a pumpkin.  She likes dragons.
Wednesday Jeremy went with Jr. Jr. to his first field trip.  They had a fun time.  Jr. Jr. was very happy to bring home a pumpkin.  We were very happy he let us use his pumpkin for our Primary lesson Sunday. 
Sally the Pumpkin helped us learn about what kinds of things we can do to keep the sabbath day holy.
Thursday and Friday were Fall Break.  I went to Girls' Night Thursday and came down with a cold (separate statements, I didn't catch a cold from Girls' Night).
Nichole and I stayed home Friday while Jeremy took the boys to the Scarecrow Festival.
Nichole did work a bit on sewing a dragon for a school project since October 21 is Reptile Awareness Day.  Did I mention she likes dragons?
Saturday, October 22, to get some fresh air and to celebrate National Color Day, we drove the Nebo Loop to look at Fall colors.  Unfortunately, most of the Fall colors have already disappeared up there.  There's already snow on the ground in some places.  It was fun to see so many aspens sans leaves, though.  It's just a different kind of beauty.
There were still some Fall colors in some places, but not as much as we were originally hoping, like the last time Jeremy, Lucky, and I went out to look at the Fall colors.
We stopped for a picnic lunch and a short hike at Devil's Kitchen which is known as a mini Bryce Canyon.
Hmmm.  Southern Utah in Utah County.  Who knew?  Probably a lot of people, just not us until recently.
There weren't a lot of birds out but we did get to see some wild turkeys toward the bottom of the other side of the loop.
When we got home we had rainbow pizza with different colors of bell peppers and other things.  Yumm.
During the week, we also celebrated Jr. Jr.'s birthday.  Jeremy wrapped his present- a big storage box with a lot of little boxes inside.  Each of the little boxes was also wrapped.  Jr. Jr. had fun opening each of them and was very pleased to find each little box held some Pokemon figurines.  Pokemon's getting to be a thing again.
For his cake, Jr. Jr. requested a Halloween cake so Jeremy found pumpkin sprinkles to put on chocolate frosting.  Jr. Jr. was very happy with that.
Yep, we had a week.  Now wish me luck as I try to kick this cold.


  1. Oh no! Did Nichole have an earring catastrophe?

  2. She got a cyst on the back of her ear and it had to be surgically removed. Unfortunately she will have to get that ear re-pierced after a few months. Gotta find someone who can pierce the one ear in just the right spot without being too close to the old hole (scar tissue), but who can get it to look even enough with the other ear's piercing.