Saturday, September 17, 2016

So You're Sick? How About Some Fresh Air?

Jeremy went to a Hawkwatch event this morning up Squaw Peak Road.  He saw lots of raptors flying by.  He even saw a new life bird in a tree- a Northern Goshawk.
They had some injured birds there for education purposes as well.  Always great to see birds close up, isn't it?  But sad at the same time because of the circumstances.
Ho Ho.  That's so funny.  These pictures make the Western screech owl look bigger than the Swainson's hawk, but if you look at the birds in relation to the glove, you can see how small the Western screech owl really is.  It can sit on one finger, but the hawk uses the whole hand.

Jeremy came home and picked us up and we drove out to Strawberry Reservoir area to the fish trap for their salmon viewing day.  The timing was just right this year.  Last year, we did see the kokanee salmon swimming up the river and to the fish trap, but we weren't there for the event.
This was fun... and educational.  The kids even got to feel some of the fish.
Jr. Jr. was excited to let me know, "I got to touch both a male and a female fish."
They also had free hot dogs and cookies at the event which made the kids happy. 
Don't worry.  They washed their hands after touching the fish.

After the event, the kids watched a movie in the van, while Jeremy and I drove up the road a little bit farther and got to do some birding.  We got to see quite a few mountain bluebirds.  It's no wonder people go searching for the bluebird of happiness.  I couldn't help but smile at those beautiful birds.
It was a nice day.  It was beautiful to drive through the fall colors- well, the leaves are just starting to turn- but they're gorgeous.  The kids had a good time and so did we parents.
Yay for fresh air.  Now we just need to get through the rest of the colds that people have and we can celebrate a lot more.

One more thing.  Jr. Jr. was bummed that we missed Collect Rocks Day yesterday, so he and Lucky picked some up to carry today while we were walking back to our van.  As usual we let them know they had to leave the rocks behind, though.
Hooray for traditions, too.

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