Sunday, October 23, 2016

Halloween Costumes 2016

Yay, Fall.  And with Fall comes Halloween.  And Halloween parties.  Hooray!
Jeremy was hired to do balloons at a Halloween party a week ago Saturday and the lady that hired him invited his family to come, too.  Perks!
So the kids and I went to this Halloween party and had a lot of fun.  And the kids were able to try out their Halloween costumes for the first time this year since I literally finished them that morning.
Nichole is Hermione Granger from Harry Potter.  She wasn't able to wear her Gryffindor patch since they sent us the wrong one in the mail and we're still waiting for them to send us the right one.  But I was able to make her a robe to wear and she had a wand from a past Harry Potter party.
Jr. wanted to be a dementor, so we took his over-sized hoodie and safety pinned leftover robe scraps to the sleeves and bottom of it.
Jr. Jr. decided to be a pumpkin patch and when Lucky heard that he let us know he wanted to be a pumpkin patch, too.  We made fabric pumpkins and safety pinned them to green clothes for the boys.  In keeping with the Harry Potter theme, the kids discussed it and thought the boys could be Hagrid's pumpkin patch.
The kids had a blast at the party.  There was a bouncy slide and a train ride.
Each of the kids that rode the train got their own train whistle.
Jr. Jr. LOVED the train and rode it over and over and over as many times as he could.
At one point, they let all the kids go trick or treating.  Lots of candy the kids enjoyed.
They also had hot dogs and potluck food.  Nichole and I enjoyed that.
It was fun and we felt so welcomed at the party.  It was also a good trial run for the costumes.  Now I can make some adjustments in time for Halloween.

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