Thursday, June 2, 2016

More Birding Days

Whooping Crane Day was on May 28.  So we had to go birding that day.
We took the kids to the "kite flying beach" and took our time birding along the way.  The kids were anxious to get to the beach, but we told them sometimes we hurry along to the beach for them, but this time, we were going to take our time birding on the way.
When we got to the beach, the wind was good enough for kite flying.  The kids had fun with that.
Lucky was just happy to play in the sand.  Jr. Jr. had some fun flying kites but also had fun playing in the sand.
After a while we put the kites away and went for a family walk along the water.  Yay for aquasocks!  Then we walked back next to the vegetation to watch birds.
On the drive home, I saw a sandhill crane in a field.  It's a crane, right?  Close enough for celebrating Whooping Crane Day.

May 30 was Memorial Day.  Jeremy was hired to do balloons at a family reunion.  His family was invited to come even if we weren't related.  So we had a nice lunch then the kids got to play in a room they had set up with kid activities (including balloon animals).
After the reunion, we went out to do some birding.  Jeremy had some places he wanted to take me where he'd gone before on a birding field trip.  When he went before, there were some birds he didn't get a chance to see.  While we went out as a family, we were able to find those birds.
 Bobolink and burrowing owl
 Yellow-breasted chat

And we got a better picture of a sage thrasher than we already have.

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