Wednesday, June 29, 2016

National Camera Day

Since it's National Camera Day, June 29, I thought I'd share something our camera captured a few days ago.
 This is a black-crowned night-heron.  This is a side view of the same bird:
Amazing, isn't it?  We were out for a walk with a friend and it was just sitting in the tree right in front of us.  The kids didn't scare it away.  It just stayed there, let us get a good look at it and take a bunch of pictures.  Amazing.
I'd never been that close to one before.  Usually I see them all the way on the other side of a pond.  This one was right there so we got a really good look at it.
It almost didn't look real.  Especially when it was head on.  It's eyes looked like glass eyes you would find in a puppet or stuffed animal.  It was real, though.  It must not have been too bothered by us, either.  It didn't squawk and fly away.  It did close its eyes after a while and adjust its head position.
That was neat.  I'm so glad we visited our friend and she took us to a place she likes to go walking.  I'm also glad we have this camera to take pictures of birds like this.
Happy National Camera Day.

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