Tuesday, June 7, 2016

S'More Time

Well it's Summer vacation, right?  That means time to play outdoors, build a fire, and cook s'mores.
Jr.'s scout group invited their families to come around a campfire and watch some skits.  Great job, kids.
Then they cooked s'mores.

Jr. needs to learn that the place for the marshmallow is between the graham cracker and the chocolate.
Heh Heh.
Still not exactly sure how that happened to his hair and ears.  I don't think he did it to himself (but maybe).  It's possible someone bumped against him with their marshmallow on a stick (maybe Lucky?).  Heh Heh.

I don't have any pictures but earlier in the day Nichole's activity days group had ice cream sundaes and the girls could each have as many toppings as they had Articles of Faith memorized.  Nichole got all 13 toppings.

Later that day, I also had an ice cream sundae, but I didn't have to pass off Articles of Faith to earn mine.  I had to play fun games with Relief Society sisters and Young Women.  It was enjoyable.  The Young Women put together the activity and they did a great job.

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