Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Celebrate Your Unique Talent Day 2015

November 24 is Celebrate Your Unique Talent Day.  What a great day for a school talent show.  Nichole was chosen to be in the school talent show to show her whistling.

It was great to watch.  There were several unique talents including a boy who played the bagpipes and a girl who demonstrated different ways of whistling (oh, I already mentioned that one).
Nichole demonstrated a shrill whistle.  She whistled like a cricket and a bird.  She demonstrated the wailing of the wind.  She impersonated R2-D2 and made a sound like a UFO.  She whistled some tunes from The Legend of Zelda, Star Wars, and Harry Potter.  She also demonstrated how you can use a piece of paper to make different whistling sounds.
I appreciate my children and their talents.  I'm glad we got to support Nichole today and her unique whistling talent.
I made a YouTube video of her talent.

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