Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Blast from the Past

I've been busy sorting through and organizing things in our home.  This includes papers- which is one of my least favorite things to go through.  But I have been diligent.  I have been strong.  I have been wearing myself out.  So not as many blog posts when I'm so tired at night I can't even function.
From time to time, though, little treasures do come up while going through papers.  Some of these treasures are little notes we've written on pieces of paper of things our children have said or conversations we've had.  Very KAT's Meow-worthy.  I don't know how old all of these are, but they're fun anyway.  Enjoy.

Jr.:  I like Iron Man.  He shoots irons out.

Jr. (March 6, 2012):  What if I really had a bug-beedle that could pick up boots... from a leprechaun?!

Mom was checking to see who already used the bathroom before going somewhere.
Child:  I have, too, Mom.
Mommy (copying):  I have, too, Mom.
Daddy:  You have two moms?  I wonder who the other one is.
Mommy (pointing to Jeremy):  Your mom.
Jr.:  No, you're Daddy.

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