Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Arches With Friends

The day after Scarlet and Dorothy left our neck of the woods was the first day of Fall Break for our school kids.  So we made the drive down to Moab, met up with Scarlet and Dorothy, and all went to Arches National Park together.  We didn't make our annual trip this Summer because Jeremy was doing the balloon wonders so this was a fun treat for us.
Our family at Balanced Rock and their family at Double Arch
 They were still so good with our kids.
 Kids with arches
Hey, kids.  Pose like elephants with the elephant in the background.  (Elephant Butte)
We made it to a lot of places in the park this trip.  At times we separated so we could explore different places and hike at different speeds.
Looking up we could see so much beauty.  Lucky only wanted to look down and play with the rocks and sand on the ground.
At one point, Nichole started making whistling sounds... and something responded.  We're thinking it was a bird, but it happened a few times in the same spot.
Jeremy and the older boys saw several bunnies as the sun started to set.  Nichole, Lucky, and I saw one.  Scarlet and Dorothy didn't see any, but they did see a group of deer.
It was a great trip and I'm so glad we were able to share it with friends.

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