Saturday, October 24, 2015

My Parents

I know it's not Grandparents Day.  I know it's not Mother's Day or Father's Day.
But I want to take the time to tell my parents how great they are. 
Mom and Dad, you were and are such wonderful parents.  Thank you for being there for me when I was growing up and thank you for being there for me now as I take care of "your" grandchildren- including laughing at me when I call up to complain about my children because now it's "my turn."  It really helps to relieve the tension when things are stressful.
Mom, thanks for being there for me to talk to when I was a kid and thanks for dropping me off so often for play practice and choir trips.  Dad, thanks for helping me survive my chemistry class in high school and for braving the crowds to come to watch me perform in plays and concerts.
Thank you both for the family trips we went on over the years.  Thank you for showing trust in me and being the kind of parents I could trust.
Thanks for teaching the gospel in our home and helping me make the kind of choices that led me to meet my husband.  Thank you for being so loving and welcoming him into our family.
Dad, thanks for treating Mom so well.  It is such a blessing to find a man who treats me as well as you treat Mom and I hope my daughter can find a man like that as well.
Mom, thank you for supporting Dad through the years.  I hope I can do as well with my husband.  I'm trying.
Thank you for making the trip and supporting Jr. at his baptism- and Nichole when she was baptized a couple years ago.
Thank you for your love and example.  I am so grateful every day that you are my parents.
I love you.

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