Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Gotta Catch Up

O.K.  We have so many things coming up.  I better catch up on some of our celebrations before I get extra super far behind.
Now, where was I?  After Screen Free Week.  Whoa.  I've missed a lot.  Here we go.
Let's start with our anniversary.  It happened in May.  We continued our tradition of our special anniversary dinner with the kids.  We have an idea for Jeremy and I to celebrate alone, but we haven't gotten to that yet.  But I know we will. My husband is awesome. The kids helped make the dinner which was so sweet.

We haven't had an anniversary date yet, but we did have a nice birding date.  We found some birds we went out specifically to see and we had a nice walk along a beach of Utah Lake.  We were able to hold hands without any children getting between us.  Lovely.  Jeremy even gave me a rose before we headed out to the lake.  Awwww.

We celebrated Mount St. Helens Day on May 18.  We made mashed potato volcanoes and watched a short documentary about Mount St. Helens.

The 20th of May was Eliza Doolittle Day.  "Lots of chocolate for me to eat."  We brought chocolate to visit friends and had some fun playing Breath of the Wild again.

We've been having lots of end of the year school things as well.

The kindergartners and preschoolers had their own art night.  They do that instead of a kindergarten graduation.

I got to go on Jr. Jr.'s last field trip of the year to the Museum of Natural Curiosity.  Good bonding time.  It wore us out, though.

We went to Jr.'s presentation on Utah history.  Great job, son.

Nichole is finishing up elementary school so we got to see her get some awards.

Phew.  Now onto all the upcoming events and celebrations.

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