Saturday, March 25, 2017

We All Missed You

You missed me?  Oh, that's so sweet.  I've been pretty sick this week and have not felt up to blogging.  Here's a little something for you today, though, even though I still have a cold.
So... what you've missed... besides me lying miserably on the couch all week and reading lots and lots of books:
Monday, March 20, was National Snowman Burning Day.  I wanted us to have snowman sandwiches but didn't feel up to it.  My wonderful husband made us grilled cheese sandwiches.  He's the best.
Tuesday, March 21, was Fragrance Day.  I couldn't smell anything.
Wednesday, March 22, was World Water Day.  I drank a lot of water.  It was also National Goof Off Day.  I didn't do much (except read) but I didn't really goof off (reading doesn't count as goofing off if you're sick).  The kids did watch An Extremely Goofy Movie since my wonderful husband went to the library earlier in the week and picked up some movies (and lots of books for me to read).  He's the best.
Today, March 25, is International Waffle Day.  We proteined our girl up with eggs, bacon, and waffles before her end of the year dance performance this afternoon. 
Our sweet little ballet/jazz dancer- mostly ballet because that's what her teacher likes (and honestly, Nichole prefers, too).
Of course she was tired afterward, so she and I didn't go to the church building, but watched the General Women's Broadcast at home this evening... with brownies, of course. 
Busy day.  My wonderful husband drove Nichole to and from practice this morning and drove us all to and from the performance this afternoon.  He's the best.

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