Friday, March 17, 2017

St. Patrick's Day 2017

Apparently, leprechauns struck our home today.  Nichole couldn't find a certain book.  None of us could find one of Lucky's boots.  We had no time because we had to walk the kids to school.  So Lucky walked in one boot and one church shoe to and from the school.  Sigh.
Later, we found where the leprechaun had hidden Lucky's other boot (never did find Nichole's book) and Lucky noticed that the leprechaun got stuff on his boot.  I would have thought it was just from the blackberries that he and Jr. Jr. spilled the other day, but Lucky was convinced it was the leprechaun.
So Jr. Jr. designed and built a leprechaun trap with a little help from his family.
He did a really good job.  It was similar to one we made in 2012 with the ladder, but instead of having a spot on the top for the leprechaun to fall in, the leprechaun had to actually jumped down onto the loose paper that would make him slip through to the bottom of the box.  Jr. Jr. put a lot of work into it.
On a related note: Jr. couldn't help himself.  He had a desire and was finally given permission to draw mustaches on the faces of the chocolate coin wrappers. 
I love those kids.

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