Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Oreo Adventures

The kids had a day off of school yesterday so we loaded everyone in the van and headed out to look for a particular bird.  And we found it.
Juniper Titmouse

When we stopped to get everyone lunch, we got out the Oreos we brought with us since March 6 is the birthday of the Oreo cookie.  We only opened the red velvet Oreos, though.  We'll save the others for another time.

While we were driving around, the kids got to watch Wreck It Ralph, which has a scene with Oreos.  They also got to watch Horton Hears a Who, which has a scene with the mayor at the dentist.  March 6 is also Dentist's Day.

We saw lots of other birds while we were out as well as lots and lots and lots and lots of prairie dogs.
On the way home I celebrated by singing along to some Weird Al- "The White Stuff" (about Oreos) and "Cavity Search" (about visiting the dentist).
 Jr. pointed out the bird in these last pictures.  Silly Goose.

Today, March 7, is Cereal Day.  We ate cereal for dinner.

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