Thursday, March 16, 2017

Pi Day

March 14 was Pi Day.
Jeremy got out a few packages of tortillas to make quesadillas (circles, you know, for Pi Day).  He thought he'd be funny so while I was doing dishes and yammering on about something, he just kept filling those tortillas with cheese and stacking them up.  He thought he'd continue doing it until I noticed and said something.  I often do when he's being "funny."  I totally didn't say anything.  I noticed him starting to stack, but then I didn't pay much attention after that.  Apparently what I was jabbering about must have been so important that I wasn't thinking of anything else.  He made it through all the packages of tortillas before he had to say something to me.  Sigh.
Well, we had a very round tall stack by the end for Pi Day.
 As often happens, the littlest kids got creative with making faces out of their food.  I love those kids.

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