Monday, January 11, 2016

Don't Forget Your Panda Slippers

We like the movie, Labyrinth.  There is one scene where the main character ends up in a junk yard and goes into a room like her own room at home.  A junk lady comes in and starts bringing her all these "important" things like toys and dolls and her teddy bear.  All these things start sticking to her back as if she is slowly turning into a junk lady, too.  She escapes by remembering what really is important- her baby brother. 
One of the things the junk lady brings to her is her panda slippers.  "Here's your panda slippers.  You know how much you like your panda slippers."
One day, Lucky got up from a nap and wanted a bunch of blankets around him (as many as he could see).  He wanted more and more put on him... and his teddy bear.  It was so funny.  I brought him out to show Jeremy and started quoting the junk lady (after I made him stay there so I could run and get the camera, of course). 
Now every time he's wrapped up in a bunch of blankets with his teddy bear I say things like, "Don't forget your panda slippers," in the junk lady's voice.
By the way, I think he has seven blankets in these pictures.  Seven... and his teddy bear.

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