Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Brew a Potion Day 2016

This year for Brew a Potion Day on January 19, I got out ingredients
and let everyone brew their own potion.
We still have so many hot cocoa mixes and lots of things to add in so we used those.  We told the kids they could only use certain amounts of certain items (no using a cup and a half of cinnamon), but they could use a variety.
Jeremy and I were right there to supervise and I did not get out the food coloring this year (2013 reference to this holiday).
Some of the potions had special properties.  Lucky's was a snuggle potion. 
Jr. Jr.'s was a hugging potion. 
Jeremy's turned him into a train (see the mug he used).
Jr.'s was a polyjuice potion with a piece of Neville's hair in it (Harry Potter reference).  He let me know that's why he tripped over Daddy's foot later in the evening.
It was fun to see what everyone wanted in their hot chocolate and that we had so much to choose from.  This was a fun family way of celebrating the holiday.

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