Saturday, January 16, 2016

Busy Day

And then there are those busy days.  Here's what we did today:
Jeremy left this morning to deliver and install a rocket.  He built it in pieces and managed to fit all the pieces into our minivan.  Yeah.  It was for a science fair down at BYU.  Since he was able to get it all in our van, he only had to make one trip and then install it.  It turned out like this:

While he was gone, the kids and I celebrated Appreciate a Dragon Day, January 16, by watching some Animaniacs sketches or episodes with dragons and then watching Pete's Dragon.
When Jeremy got back we all got ready and headed down to BYU.  We stopped and got pizza on the way because it was one of those busy days and we knew we would be out a long time and we didn't have enough bread to make sandwiches for everyone, etc. etc. etc.
So when we got to BYU, Jeremy had a couple pieces of pizza then headed in to help them move the rocket over a little because they were going to have performances in that area.
When he got done and back out to the van, a couple kids were still eating.  When everyone was done, we all went in to the Wilkinson Center.  Jeremy took the bases off the rocket so we could take those home and we walked around a bit.
When we got outside to go back to the van, it was snowing in such a way that it was pleasant for the kids to put their heads toward the sky to feel the snow or catch it on their tongues.  Nice.
After we got back to the van again, we headed over to the wedding reception for a friend of ours from college.  It was nice to see her and wish her and her husband well.
It was a busy day.  Lots of running around but it was good.

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