Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Space Park

It's funny how our family gives certain parks nicknames and others we don't.  Some of these nicknames really stick.  For example, the kite flying park.  Years ago we went to fly kites there for Kite Day (even though we have other parks that we found work better for kite flying) and the name stuck.
Hill Park, however, is just Hill Park.  It's an appropriate name anyway because of its location.  And Scera Park is just Scera Park because that's its name.
Often nicknames come when the kids don't know the name of the park so we use it to explain what park we're talking about and that's how we continue to describe it even if later everyone learns the actual name of the park.  Or the kids make up the name like "fishy park" because part of the playground has the shape of a fish.
One recently nicknamed park is where we celebrated Pluto Day.  Since then the kids have been calling it Space Park and saying that one of the playgrounds at the park looks like it has space equipment on it.  So it was appropriate on Meteor Day, June 30, to play at Space Park with friends.
And it was fun.

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