Friday, June 5, 2015

Busy Busy Summer

Oh my goodness gracious.  We have been so busy this Summer vacation and it just barely started.
Both Wednesday and Thursday we went up to Thanksgiving Point to see how the first Wonder was going.  This is the first week so all you see so far is "in progress."  No finished design so far, but it's looking cool.  I'll probably show finished pictures next week.
After the kids and I got back from the museum, we had themed food- hanging garden salad bar.
And I forgot the croutons in the pantry both nights.

Besides visiting the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, we've been keeping busy in other ways.  This afternoon we went walking and playing with friends.
I love how well the kids get along.  It's great for the other mom and me, too.  We're able to catch up and not worry about the kids.  We're all so comfortable with each other.

Now I'm exhausted so I need to stop blogging for the night.  Bye.

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