Thursday, April 20, 2017

Spring Breaking at a National Park

April 7 of our Spring Break was National No Housework Day.  We left home behind and spent the day at Zion National Park.  The kids were real troopers getting up so early in the morning and getting home so late at night.  Since Jr. is in 4th grade this year, he was able to get a special pass which lets him and his family get into national parks for free.  Woohoo.
We did some hiking, some birding, some shuttle riding.  It was great.
We saw lots of cacti and Jr. Jr. had so much fun pointing out every time he saw a cactus.  "There's some cacti."  "There's more cacti."  "There's more cacti."

A highlight for Jeremy and me- seeing a pair of California Condors.  Wow.  That would be the rarest bird we've ever seen.  At one point the total population of California Condors in the world was 22 individuals.  With conservation efforts, that population has grown to over 400.  They are still endangered, but we were able to see two at Zion.
It really was a great trip.  The kids had fun (though you can't always tell from the pictures).

The adults had fun as well.  Good family time.

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