Sunday, April 9, 2017

Spring Break 2017

We just finished Spring Break for the kids.  Boy, was it busy.  We did some awesome things, had some great family time, and stayed out pretty late some nights.  I hope to do individual posts about some of what we did (besides what I've already posted), but here are a few highlights before I get to those posts:

We saw ground squirrels and itty-bitty ground squirrels (we've been thinking they were prairie dogs, but we recently found out we were wrong- they are ground squirrels).
Here's a picture of me looking at a ground squirrel.

We saw the other kind of squirrel.  You know the kind with the bushy tail that has been fed by too many people so it comes up and begs even though people aren't supposed to feed them?  We didn't feed them.
Here's a picture of Jr. looking at a squirrel.
Here is a squirrel photobombing a picture of the kids.
click on it if you need to see it larger

It was good we had such good weather to have such adventures during Spring Break because this morning we had to scrape snow and ice off our windshields before going to church.  I didn't get a picture of that.

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