Thursday, September 8, 2016

Alphabet Pizza

September 8 is International Literacy Day.  While menu planning I wanted to figure out what food would work for dinner on this day.  The family helped me come up with the idea for Alphabet Pizza.
Pizza with toppings for all the letters of the alphabet from A-Z.  It took us some time and creativity but we did it.  It also took some time to prepare.  We had some of the ingredients, but others we had to buy specifically for this.
We ended up with 5 pizzas with these toppings/ingredients:

A- Artichoke Hearts
B- Bacon
C- Chicken
D- Dough
E- Eggs
F- Fennel Seed
G- Green Pepper
H- Ham
I- Italian Seasoning
J- Jalapenos
K- Kielbasa
L- Lemon Pepper
M- Mushrooms
N- Nacho Cheese
O- Olives
P- Pineapple
Q- Queso
R- Red Pepper
S- Sausage
T- Tomatoes
U- Uncooked Spinach
V- Very Good Pepperoni
W- White Sauce
X- Xtra Cheese
Y- Yellow Pepper
Z- Zucchini

Some of these (dough) we used on multiple pizzas but here is generally what pizzas we came up with:
Artichoke hearts, bacon, chicken, white sauce, yellow pepper, lemon pepper, tomatoes, uncooked spinach
Eggs, fennel seed, green pepper, queso, sausage
Italian seasoning, jalapenos, kielbasa, mushrooms, red pepper, zucchini
Nacho cheese, olives, very good pepperoni, Xtra cheese
Ham, Pineapple
I didn't think about it until today (even though it's on the calendar) and a friend was mentioning it on facebook, but today is also the 50th anniversary of when the original series of Star Trek aired.
Of course we had to celebrate that.  After alphabet pizza, you only have so much energy, though.  So we watched the first episode of Star Trek (the one that aired 50 years ago today) while eating our pizza.
Jeremy also got creative and came up with some Star Trek jokes while helping me make pizza.

What happens to a Vulcan when he gets sick?
He becomes "ill" logical.

Where do Klingons like to fish?
On a Worf.

What is the number one cause of death in the Federation?
Wearing a red shirt.
It was a fun evening.

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  1. It almost looks like Iron Man is doing the "Live Long and Prosper" signal on your shirt, Jeremy.