Tuesday, April 5, 2016

General Conference Weekend

General Conference Weekend.  The kids picked out some quiet activity pages to work on during Conference and those kept them content for the beginning of the first session.  The rest of the first session, they were content with our traditional General Conference nachos.
During the break between the first two sessions, we went for a nice drive up Provo Canyon and tried a road we'd never been up before.  Squaw Peak Road.  We drove up to the overlook and what a view.  I never knew because as I said, we'd never driven up that road before.
During the second session, besides nachos, the kids kept themselves content with Easter candy.
Sunday, the power company decided that General Conference Sunday would be the perfect day to shut the power off to do some maintenance for hours.  Oh, well.  The power went off around 9am, so we packed the kids up in the van with snacks to go for a drive and listen to General Conference on the radio.
We stopped by home once during the first session, stayed home during the break between sessions, and stayed out during the whole second session.  So the power came back sometime between 2 and 4pm.  Yay for a working radio in the van.
It felt good to be out on a nice relaxing drive listening to the inspired messages of General Conference.  Nature and the Spirit.  They go so well together.

Sunday, April 3, was also Fish Fingers and Custard Day.  So we had our traditional fish sticks and vanilla pudding for dinner.

On an unrelated to General Conference note (and just because I'm falling behind in my blogging so I'm going to throw it in here), Monday, April 4, was Walk Around Things Day.  The kids and I went to the "space park" where they could walk around the "UFO" that spun.

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