Friday, March 25, 2016

One of Those Busy Days

Jr. Jr. has been in need of a Mommy-Jr. Jr. date so we scheduled one for today.  We went out to a park, fed the ducks, played on the playground, and played in the sand.  Jr. Jr. had me getting my exercise by making pits in the sand and instructing me to jump over the pits and run around to certain areas.
At one point, Daddy and Lucky crashed our date.  O.K.  They didn't actually crash our date.  They were out doing there own outing and after they went to a different park to feed the ducks there, they came to the park we were at.  Jr. Jr. enjoyed having Lucky there to play on the playground with him for a while.  Lucky continued to play on the playground while Jr. Jr. and I had a snack and Daddy watched Lucky and took pictures of birds... and us.
After a while, Daddy and Lucky went home and Jr. Jr. and I stayed at the park for a while longer.  It was fun.
Then this afternoon, Nichole and Jr. both came home from school with medals and trophies.  They both competed in this year's Battle of the Books.  Nichole's team won 2nd place for 5th and 6th graders and Jr.'s team won 1st place for 3rd and 4th graders (Nichole has a 1st place trophy from when her team won in 3rd grade).

This evening after having our dinner of waffles (since March 25 is International Waffle Day), we all went to see a movie at the elementary school.  They were showing the newest Chipmunk movie so we had a nice family movie night at the school.  They had concessions there, too, so Daddy got the kids popcorn and capri suns.  That was a fun activity and all the kids did a good job while we were there (including the 2-year old).  Yay.

It was quite a day.
And now we have so much more going on this weekend and next week.  Busy Busy.  Wish us luck.

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