Saturday, March 26, 2016

Kick Back and Relax After a Big Day Day

It's been a long day.  Nichole had her dance performance this afternoon so there was a lot of getting ready for that in the morning.  Jeremy took her down to rehearsal while I took the boys shopping to get some last minute things for her.
The performance was fun.  Lots of great dances.  We were surprised to find out that Nichole's class did a Bollywood style dance.  I guess that's what happens when we go birding during dance class instead of staying in the house where the studio is.  We don't see the dance practice or hear the music.
We loved the dance performance today.
Once again proud of our little girl.  But she's not so little.  She's almost as tall as I am.

This afternoon when we got home, Nichole mentioned that it was Make Up Your Own Holiday Day.  I mentioned that we probably wouldn't celebrate it this year because of being busy.  Then she suggested it could be Kick Back and Relax Day since she and I were going to watch the General Women's Broadcast at home while eating brownies this evening.  I mentioned we had a big day so we didn't relax much.  So together we decided the holiday would be Kick Back and Relax After a Big Day Day.
Thanks to my daughter, we celebrated Kick Back and Relax After a Big Day Day on March 26, otherwise known as Make Up Your Own Holiday Day.
I don't know how much Jeremy kicked back and relaxed, though.  While Nichole and I relaxed on the couch watching the broadcast, Jeremy took the boys in to watch a movie in our room.
When it was over, we all enjoyed some brownies and ice cream.  Ahh, nice ending to a long but great day.

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