Wednesday, July 15, 2015

A Real Live Date

I'm so tired so this is going to be short.  Jeremy didn't have to stay all day at the Wonders today.  Heather was doing great on building today's part of the Great Pyramid of Giza.  Jeremy was able to come home from Thanksgiving Point, we took the kids to a friend's house, and he and I headed off for a date to... Thanksgiving Point. 
Yep.  He took me to the Tower Deli since I hadn't been there yet and he's eaten there several times and wanted to share it with me.  Then we headed over to the Museum of Ancient Life to say hi to Heather, then went next door to the theater to watch Jurassic World.  We knew we wanted to see that movie in the theater so this was our last chance because things are going to get busier for the rest of the summer with the modern wonders of the world out of balloons and a county fair and Jeremy's world record attempt for largest balloon sculpture done by an individual.  Next week at Thanksgiving Point's show barn as part of their Founder's Week celebration.  He's going to be building starting Monday and the final measuring and such will be done on Saturday.
But like I said, this was our last chance to go out on an actual date for a while, a real live date.  And it was so nice and the food was good and we notice that the napkin dispenser at the deli had an advertisement on it for the 7 Wonders of the World Balloon Art Exhibit.  It had a picture of the Temple of Artemis Jeremy built.  Fun.  And I absolutely loved the movie and it was so fun to watch it at the theater right next to the dinosaur museum.
Wow.  This post turned out to be longer than I was expecting.  I'm still tired but I had a great evening with my husband.

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